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December 17, 2014 - Baptism on the 20th!

Hey everyone!

Well this week went by super fast! My new companion is Anziano Shepard and he is from Duchesne Utah. He is a really great missionary and we get along VERY well! He played high school football and his team won state championship 3 times in a row! crazy right?! We also moved back into the apartment with the zone leaders Anziano Jensen from Idaho Falls, Idaho and Anziano Peterborg from Idaho as well but i'm not sure what city ha. We have are having a great time and are doing a lot of good work here in Bologna!

Well I have some CRAZY news to tell you guys but you might have already heard... Sister D'ambrosio (Madeline's really good friend) is serving here in Bologna and is in my district!!! How insane/weird is that?! We talked over the phone since she and her companion took over the apartment and area in which i just served in last transfer and so i was helping them out get around and what not and when i told her my name she asked if i remembered who she was and said that she was good friends with madeline from back home. I had no idea which one she was because madeline has a ton of friends but then later that night when we all went to teach English class she ran up to us and was all excited and said, "STEV... i mean Anziano Delgado!!". haha i totally recognized her and was SOOO thrown off haha it was crazy for me. And then she was like, "i just saw your mom like 3 months ago!! She is so sweet!!!" hahaha i was pretty caught off guard to say the least. So yea she is serving here in Bologna and we are having a good time. 

Yesterday we just had the baptismal interview for Sara and everything went great! She will be baptized this Saturday right before the Christmas party so there should be a lot of people there :) Also, she asked if i could be the one to baptize her! I'm so excited for her and her mom they are so great! Even though she is so little she has such a feel for spiritual things whereas when i was her age i just went through the motions. She is such a funny girl and i am so happy for her and her mom :) I'll send you guys some pictures of the baptism next Wednesday :)

So everything is going great here in Bologna as you can see. We did have to give up some of the people we were meeting and teaching to the sisters since they are females but that's alright the sisters are already doing such a great job here in the first week! Also one of the ladies that we passed a few days ago came to church this Sunday and brought her non-member husband!! It was so good to see her and him together in sacrament, the husband said he had a really good time and looks forward to coming next week :)

Okay well X-mas is coming up soon and i can't wait to see you guys! i am pretty sure i will be at the house of our ward mission leader and his wife who is American. I am still unsure of what time we will be there but im guessing it will be around 3ish our time. I will let you know more details next Wednesday just to confirm. 

I absolutely love this work and i know that i could never do it without the help of the lord. I love Christmas time because it helps everyone remember their savior and redeemer Christ and helps them think a little bit less about themselves and a little more about others. Christ really was and is the perfect example of love and my Christmas wish this year is that i and you all can really show our love for Christ by loving and giving charity to the ones around us. "When we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God" :) I love you all very much and can't wait to see your wonderful faces next week!!! Ciao!

 -Anziano Delgado

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